Best Sport For A Family To Fight Excess Weight

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Guest Post by Roman of The Twin Spin.

Weight loss has become a quite an issue among the members of the society, people gain weight most of the time because they eat too much but others gain weight regardless of what they eat, this is caused by factors like deprivation of sleep, lack of exercise among others.

When people gain weight, they go on the verge to lose it in different ways, the most common ways people try to lose weight include diet, going to the gym and even drugs. They can be quite effective but they can be really tedious and some even have unforeseen circumstance to both the psychology and physiology of the user.

Here, in this article, I will recommend a natural system to lose weight for both an individual and together as a family.

Sport is an excellent way of weight loss especially for a family because it is fun and it also brings togetherness among its members. There are numbers of games available for everybody.

The best games and sports activities for people looking to fight their weight problems includes among others:

  • ping pong
  • swimming
  • running

Therefore, we'll be looking at some of these sports activities that help to reduce weight loss:


It is also known as table tennis; it is a game for two or four players. The point of the game is to allow a ball played toward a player to bounce once on their side before they play it back to the opposite side, a point will be scored for the opponent if this fails to happen. The equipment needed for this game is the ball, table and the racket.

The game is very easy to learn and even easier to set up. Playing Ping pong can help to burn a lot of calories when it becomes competitive. You can burn at least 300 calories in 30 minutes of play. This is very impressive for such an easy game.

All types of muscles are involved. From arms and hands when you are hit the ball to legs when you are jumping around the table.

Ping pong inventory is available at any local stores for your convenience or on Amazon. The cost of the set-up does not necessarily mean it's the best for you. The racket can be either ready-made or customized. According to TheTwinSpin site, better to begin with a ready-made paddle up to $50.

Ping pong is a really interesting sport for the household especially the moms and it gets, even more fun when it's competitive among different families. The good thing about this game is that it doesn't cost much, if you read some reviews and find the best paddles that will be great especially for you.

When this gets heated up in ping pong, weight loss gets very easy.


  • Can be outdoor or indoor all weather, all season game
  • People of all age can participate in the competition, from school-children to deep aged
  • Family competition is a funny game if arranged properly, with love
  • Great amount of fat calories can be left.


  • Might be expensive, need some special equipment


Swimming is an interesting sport for all. It helps to burn at least 450 calories in 30 minutes. Swimming is a great sport for the family especially the children because they consider it ‘cool’ among their social hierarchy and this thus encourages their participation. It is also a low-impact sport so losing weight for the whole family will be at ease. Swimming also helps to keep the body figure in shape.

You can even add some piece of the game here. Water pool will be a suitable game!


  • The maximum calories can be lost for 30 minutes exercise.
  • You need to have special skills (swimming).


  • The only problem is having a swimming pool. This might not be available for family with little space in their house. Therefore, swimming is only available for a selected few with a big space in their home.


Running is a very good family sport; it helps to bring togetherness among the family members. The good part is running does not need any equipment or inventory. All you need are sneakers for you and your family. Running ups the competitive edge of any recreational sport by offering a tad bit of excitement.

It is one of the best professional activities for weight loss, but it is a sport, aimed at training leg muscles. I can advise everybody to combine it with rowing.


  • No special inventory is needed
  • Easy to participate
  • Suitable for everybody, if done properly


  • In base, it is an outdoor sport, so there is a risk of skin cancer
  • Basically suitable only during good weather (as a family activity)



Rowing is a very good family sport, it can participate in a team sport for the whole family. It is quite a strength building exercise for everybody, especially if the family lives near a river. It helps to burn at least 350 calories of fat in 30 minutes. Rowing is a sport that helps one to get involved with nature.

Basically, muscles of chest back and of hands are involved into training. Better results can be achieved if combined with running.


  • It is a great physical exercise that can be useful for weight loss and for muscle training
  • Great amount of fat calories can be left
  • Can be arranged as an interesting travel trip.


  • Can be dangerous in some cases
  • In most cases, it is not suitable for children under 14 years old without parents supervision
  • It is an outdoor activity for the summer season.


Cycling is a fun family exercise. It is a low-impact exercise that helps to build the cardiovascular system. It is easier than running and help to reduce weight at a considerable rate. Cycling is very good for the family and all you need is a bike and your sneakers.

Learning how to ride a bike can be very easy with a good tutor. It could also be a family thing when learning how to ride. Cycling is a very good sport all around and it is good for the family especially the kids. The children could use cycling as a means of transportation. It also helps to increase their maneuverability.


  • Can be taken as an indoor or outdoor activity
  • Very useful for treatment of all kinds of muscles


  • At least you need to buy or to rent bikes for all of your family. It might be expensive
  • It is an activity for good weather. Cycling with your family is not available in winter.


Dancing is recognized everywhere and classified by its choreography. Dancing is a very good form of exercise for the whole family and usually is accompanied by music. The type of music played will determine the type of dancing. Dancing helps to burn a lot of calorie without even knowing it because of the fun.

Dancing does not require any equipment or inventory, all it needs is the willingness and drive to dance to the tune of the music. A parent can use music as a tool to let their children open up about their emotions. A funny quote says “if you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance”.


  • It is a very beautiful sport, that is suitable for all ages and genders
  • No special skills are needed

In conclusion, any of these sports are a very good way to lose weight. It promotes healthy living, keeps the family together and most importantly, it is fun. If you’re trying to lose weight, these sports have to be done regularly and it must be supported by other natural and effective ways of losing weight like regular sleep, staying positive and diet.

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