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Do benefits of unscheduled activities and minimal toys outweigh endless scheduled activities and abundance of toys? How many activities should your child be enrolled in, and at what age? What kind of toys should you buy? These are the questions that plague most parents as they tread the thin line between being an engaged parent who wants to let their child’s innate creativity blossom versus a helicopter parent trying to fill their child’s day with as many activities as possible to ensure that they do not miss out on anything.

Bad Turtle Beginnings

In a world where children are constantly being bombarded with unrealistic expectations both at school and at home, coupled with an over-scheduled day and constant social media exposure, following is a refreshing story of the creative and dynamic sister duo, who are also budding entrepreneurs.

Anya Chaudhry (14) and Reva Chaudhry (11) are part owners of bad turtle! a t-shirt company specializing in fun, colorful t-shirts for kids.


Limited screen time, hours of unscheduled time in their hands and minimal (conventional) toys not only helped develop a special bond between the two sisters but also opened up doors to be themselves, and explore and create and let their imaginations run wild.

At the very young age of two, both the sisters took to art and could sit for hours at a time to draw and paint. Drawing has given them a unique sensibility and appreciation for their surroundings, which is reflected in their art. Every line, every color is deliberate. At age 4, Anya was drawing a sunny beach scene and decided to show a full moon, something that she had observed the previous day! By 5, she was making beautiful crafts to sell at the biannual school Mercado and was almost always sold out in the first 15 minutes.

Reva had a big sister to emulate and soon became an amazing artist in her own right. While Anya’s art is more mature, proper, elegant, Reva’s is playful, happy and fun. Reva is also a natural at party and event planning and takes weeks to plan everything from Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas to birthdays. She also loves to teach and makes excellent lesson plans, cook and make cooking video tutorials, make short movies, game shows, gaming arcades for the family to play among other things.

Anya and Reva are best friends and love to hang out with each other and inspire each other to be ever so creative. Art runs in their blood, Their grandmother is an award winning artist, and their aunt is a very talented graphic designer. Growing up they had ample free time in their hands to be creative and explorative. They would transform the entire living room into a circus arena complete with props for various acts, food court and a souvenir stand. Classroom presentation boards collected over time have morphed from fort walls to gaming arcades to many other things.


In 2015, Anya designed several book jackets for children books authored by Mike Stubben, a serial entrepreneur and a close friend. Later, he launched bad turtle! in partnership with the girls, who are the key designers.

Mike’s family turtle, which was actually a desert tortoise, was blamed for anything that went amiss in the house and soon earned the moniker “bad turtle”. Broken toys, paintings on the wall, missing items, were all considered the doings of the bad turtle. One day, he apparently burrowed under the gate, and disappeared. So, if there’s trouble at your house, keep an eye out for bad turtle.

Upon his disappearance, the “bad turtle” is believed to be having the time of his life as he goes exploring the world while making new friends. The brand and the t-shirt designs are built around the adventures of bad turtle, both while at home and when he took to the road.

The new Zoo Collection features the friends of bad turtle, representing all the continents, and are designed by Anya. Reva is currently working on creating tutorials to teach little kids how to draw the various bad turtle! Characters.

We received the t-shirts in exchange for this review. I think they are just so cute, and they fit my boys.


What do you think?


They are made with cotton, so they're very comfortable. They have different sizes and designs, at first I thought they were for little kids but then I looked at all of them and had the boys pick which one they liked.

Bad Turtle T-shirt

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