Aqtivaqua Goggles Review

Aqtivaqua Goggles Review

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Do your kids always ask for goggles every year before they go to the beach or to the pool?

Yeah so do mine!

That's why I was excited when I recently got a chance to review Aqtivaqua Adult and Youth Goggles for a discounted rate.

Aqtivaqua Goggles Review

Adult Goggles

Aqtivaqua Goggles Review

My husband and I both liked these. They were very comfortable. We both liked how they had a suction cup feeling over the eyes so water doesn't have a chance to get in there. I especially needed these because with me wearing glasses, I like to be able to open my eyes under water and know where I'm going, plus it burns when I get water in my eyes. So these were perfect for me.

Aqtivaqua Goggles Review

This is how it comes prepackaged, I like that we can save the goggles holder and just reuse it. 

Youth Goggles

Aqtivaqua Goggles Review

Austin and Cameron got to use these. They also liked the suction cup feeling over the eyes. They said that the strap was comfortable and not too tight. Both boys like to play around in the water, so them being able to see underwater was great. They also both wear glasses, (I know a curse they got from me) so they liked not having to worry about their eyes stinging. 

Aqtivaqua Goggles Review

I really liked this color, so did Austin's whose favorite color is blue. Unfortunately, they didn't have red, closest thing was pink and Cameron wasn't going for that.

Oh, and they also liked how it had a sort of sunglasses feel to it (the lens being dark).

They are really tough and durable but comfy at the same time. 

If you'd like to know anything else about the adult or youth goggles, just let me know.

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