Age Reversal: Sports That Can Make You Look Younger

Age Reversal: Sports That Can Make You Look Younger

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We all exercise to look and feel our best, keep ourselves healthy and enjoy using our bodies while we still can. Exercising is a routine and we do it because we know it will make us feel good and stay healthy – but besides that, we’re kind of blank. While most sports are good for your health, researchers have found that if you’d like to have a large sip of the fountain of youth, you need to focus on a few specific ones – and cardio, in particular.

Use this article for a boost of motivation, if you need it, and for the best exercises to make you look even younger than you do already.

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After you’ve completed a workout, you might feel tired and sweaty – but still, quite happy and content with yourself. Take a look in the mirror after your shower and see if you can’t notice the signs already; radiant skin and clear eyes are just the beginning of the benefits you’re enjoying after an exercise.

Studies have proven that even just moderate to intense exercise, three times a week, is able to reverse the signs of aging with twenty to forty years. And that’s not even counting all the benefits your body is enjoying. If you ever needed another reason to get moving, here it is; you will feel so much better and look so much younger, even if you haven’t been working out regularly in a while.

It should be motivation enough for anyone who’d like to look in the mirror and smile every morning, feeling a couple of years younger with every session.

Which sports should I choose?

While weight-lifting and building strength is wonderful news for your brain and body, the best route to the fountain of youth is through cardio – and particularly interval training. You need to get your heart pumping and feel a bit sweaty to reap the most benefits – and it’s the perfect way to start your workout before focusing on toning those muscles.

Running, for example, is a great way to start to look and feel a lot younger. Endurance exercises rejuvenate our muscles and keep us looking youthful; a study from a few years back shows that exercise unlocks the stem cells of our muscles and keeps them from deteriorating when we get older.

You can find the link to the actual study in the article above if you’re interested, but beware the long and tediousness of a scientific article.

Cycling is another great option and especially good for us when we get older. You won’t put so much weight on your knees and ankles the whole time – and, as we know, we women tend to be more prone to the loss of bone mass as we age.

Jump on that bicycle, in other words, and enjoy the fresh air on your youthful-looking cheeks. Make it a day trip, pack a healthy lunch for your way back, and remember the cyclist insurance before your head off.

Make it high-intensity intervals

No matter which activity you choose, be it running or cycling, it’s a good idea to know what kind of exercise will give you these youthful results. You want to make it high intensity and divide it up into intervals; yet again, studies have our backs, and we can prove to all of those hour-long runners that it’s more about the level of intensity than it is about the length.

It’s great news for us who struggle to find time enough to work out for hours at a time since there’s clearly no point in doing this. You’ll get great results from a quicker and more intense workout, without having to spend your entire afternoon on out running yourself.

You need to enjoy the kind of activity you choose to get the most out of it, though and remember that you will have difficulties keeping something up if you kind of despise it.

When you’re not that into running or cycling, find other ways to incorporate a high-intensity cardio workout. If you’re more of a team player, for example, you might find that the rest of your team are more than willing to warm up with some intervals before the actual game – just show them the proof of youth.

Do the same with any other sport you enjoy doing, such as dancing or tennis, and remember that to look and feel your best, you need to have a bit of fun while you’re doing it.

Find your best fit and start to look forward to a long and youthful life.

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