A+ Interactive Math Review

A+ Interactive Math Review

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I was recently picked to review A+ Interactive Math for their Family Math Package

A+ Interactive Math Review

CJ only has 2 months before he gets tested to see how much progress he's made, so I decided to try this out and see how he does. He actually did pretty good! Complaining was a major issue we've had in the past, but none of that here.

I liked how straight and to the point it was. He does a lesson and then there is a Q&A afterwards. This Q&A was to me, the best part due to the instant feedback he received. 

A+ Interactive Math Review

I did notice little black squares or rectangles pop up sometimes, never in the way but a little distracting. It could also just be my computer. At first, CJ did complain about that but I told him it wasn't in the way so just ignore it. Not a deal breaker.

I also noticed that the screens aren't numbered, so to see how many questions they have just click on the Update Q&A and it will tell you. Again not a deal breaker.

A+ Interactive Review

At first I thought that he had to fill in the recent results of his Q&A, since he would take it and then get some wrong and then have to take it again to answer them right, I didn't know it automatically scored it at first. That's what he had been doing since the beginning. I then finally looked at the website and then remembered that it said automatic scoring for the online program.

So then I emailed A+ and I got an immediate response. He told me that it should correct the score on its own, he even did an example to make sure nothing was wrong. It was working, I guess I just wasn't paying attention. So we got it all straighten out. Now he can stop correcting the scores. I'm glad I found that out because I think sometimes he might have put that he got some of them right when in fact he got them wrong.

It is so easy to use, all they do is:

  • Listen to the lesson
  • Take the Q&A portion
  • Click update lesson to say it is complete
  • Either correct the ones they got wrong or just go onto the next lesson

That doesn't sound so hard does it? Didn't think so  🙂 

I think it could use a little more animation just to keep the kids from being too bored, but that's not a deal breaker either. I don't want him to distracted, so I'm a little on the fence about whether he needs animation or just plain distraction-free zone. CJ seemed to like this one and was able to concentrate. He just hopped on and did the work (of course having a notebook and pencil so he could work out the problems). 

Maybe they could make a field on the screen somewhere where they could type or draw to work out the problem, just a suggestion  🙂 

Final thoughts: This is a really nice program, clean, distraction-free, and automatic grading (what else could you ask for).

Oh just to let you know, they have a special sale going on right now that is 50% to 71% off on their Family Math Packages and Adaptive Placement Test w/ Lessons program. So I would hurry. 

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A+ Interactive Math Review

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