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4 Cool & Unique Items For Kids Bedrooms

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This is a guest post from Craig of Aquascape Addiction.

Have you run out of things to buy for your children? Stupid question right? Kids are always after more ways to keep entertained and as a parent it’s our duty to keep our kids happy and healthy both at home and outside.

Here are four unique item ideas for your kid’s bedroom that we think are fun, useful, and educational too. None of these items require loads of space so they are perfect even if you have a smaller house or space to work with.

1. Super Moon In My Room

This is a really neat idea for your child’s room for a number of different reasons. First off, most of us, and that includes kids, just love the stars and the moon. There is something about staring at those glowing orbs of light that is just so calming and serene, not to mention really beautiful too. If you have an up an coming astronomer or astrologer living in your home, this Super Moon might just be the right thing for them.

It’s a neat little moon that you can put on your child’s wall or ceiling and it can actually do a number of different things. First of all, it automatically changes according to the real outside moon, which means that if there is a full moon in the sky, this thing will also resemble a full moon. It comes with 12 different preset lunar phases, eclipse modes, and a whole bunch of sound effects too.

We personally like the Super Moon In My Room because it acts as a calming agent for bedtime. There is just something so relaxing about this thing that kids can’t help but fall asleep when they look at it. Plus there is also the fact that it might help teach your child something about the moon too. In all reality this is a really neat educational tool that doubles as a toy, acts as a nightlight, and even works as a sleep aid too.

2. EcoQubeC Aquarium

An aquarium is another really cool item that could adorn your child’s room. Aquariums as fantastic things too have for a whole variety of reasons. For one, they are very calming and relaxing. There is not a single person in the world that can look at a fish tank for more than a minute without being lulled into a sense of tranquility.

Watching those fish swim around and having fun is just so peaceful. It’s a great way to fall asleep every night, plus it’s great for your kids because they make a babbling noise from the filter which is very relaxing. Plus, if you have a child that is afraid of the dark, a neat little fish tank with a softly glowing light will help them get over their night-time fears as well.

A fish tank is also a great thing to have because it will help teach your child a certain amount of responsibility through the wonders of taking care of something and keeping it alive and happy. The EcoCubeC Aquarium makes for a great betta tank, betta fish being one of the coolest fish to get children.

This aquarium comes with pretty much everything you need to get started, you could perhaps also look into some other aquarium gadgets like protein skimmers which help keep the water nice and clean. (more what they actually do here).

If you want to get your child something they can have fun with, something to teach responsibility, something to help them sleep, and if they have been asking for a pet, there is nothing better than a fish and the EcoCubeC Aquarium.

3. Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

Do you have a little gardener in your home, because if you do, we have the perfect item to put in your child’s room. The Kid’s Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium is a neat little acrylic tank that comes with everything your child need to create their own little plant-based terrarium.

Instead of having your child root up the backyard and destroy your garden, simply get them this little indoor gardening kit. It’s a great way to let your kids mess around with plants without actually having them interfere in your prize-winning garden, not to mention that it will probably help teach them something about plants, gardening, and a little home project for them (and you).

This kit comes with an acrylic terrarium tank, seeds for various plants, and a bunch of glowing stickers too. All your kid has to do is plant the seeds, use the build in slits for watering, and let the eco system flourish into something truly amazing. Don’t worry, this is not a full-blown garden so taking care of it won’t be too hard for your kid.

There is also the simple fact that these things look really cool. It makes for a nice place holder and something cool to put on a desk, plus it even comes with a whole bunch of glow in the dark stickers too. In case your child has a hard time sleeping in the dark, the stickers will light up the room ever so softly until they fall asleep.

4. Muncheez Toy Organizer

Are you tired of walking into your kid’s room and falling over those blasted toy cars or impaling your foot on a piece of oh so sharp Lego? Well, if that is the case, the Muncheez Toy Organizer might just be the right thing for you and your kids.

These things are neat little stuffed animal like things whose mouths open up and form a nice little space for your kids toys. They are fairly large so you can be sure that your kids can fit a whole lot of their toys inside, which is of course much better than having everything on the ground like a grenade went off.

These things come in a variety of models such as a frog, bee, dog, and a multitude of other animals which your kid is going to love. Even better than being a toy organizer, at least for your kid, is that these things act like a toy in their own right. They make for a pretty cool stuffed animal that your kids can have fun with. Moreover, these things can even be used as pillows too. If you need a fun toy for your kid that will teach them to keep their room clean, the Muncheez Toy Organizer is definitely the way to go.


Remember, the things you buy for your children should not be purely for fun. Don’t get us wrong, fun is good, but so is education and responsibility. If you need something for your child, or their room seems a little bare, why not try one of the above options, each of which is both fun and educational too. There is also lots of fun to be had outside of the house, this post covers some really cool unusual days out for the whole family if you need some ideas.

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