30 Days Of Sex Talks Book Review

“30 Days of Sex Talks” Books Review

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Since CJ is a teen now I thought it was time to start “the talk”. I was given two out of the three books that they have to review called 30 Days of Sex Talks from Educate and Empower Kids.

30 Days Of Sex Talks Book Review

As I was doing a pre-talk he “acted” like he didn't know anything that I was talking about, like I wasn't even speaking English, but I know that wasn't the case because he had taken sex ed. in Elementary and Middle School, so I figured he was just embarrassed. 

30 Days Of Sex Talks 8-11

30 Days of Sex Talks Book Review

So the first book I reviewed is for 8-11 yr. olds. I found this book's content just right for CJ, it wasn't too babyish or too grown up. I think that along with the ages on the books that you really need to think about how their maturity level is. I original just wanted book 12 plus, but I'm glad I asked for this one to. This one is more about their bodies and what all happens as they grow in my opinion. It features ways you can bring up certain topics and how they can handle certain “sensations”. 

30 Days Of Sex Talks 12 plus

30 Days Of Sex Talks Book Review

The other book is for 12 plus. This book in my opinion was too grown up for CJ right now because of his maturity level, we are not there yet. This book was about the social aspect, as in how social media plays a role. It also talks about being monogamous versus multiple partners. It also touched on birth control and abusive relationships which are the most important things when starting any kind of relationship which I liked. 

I loved the conversation starters. 

And the last book that they have but I didn't review do to that being for the younger crowd of ages 3-7.

Are you in that stage with your kid/s? I recommend these books especially if you don't know where to begin like I didn't. 

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