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2 Holiday Books Sure To Be Classics

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With every Christmas there are always new Christmas related books and movies coming out. I'd like to introduce you to 2 more, soon to be classics like all the others.

The first one is called Very Christmas and it's by Simone Mets.

Very Christmas

When Santa’s workshop is destroyed by a ferocious storm, even the richest man in the world is stumped for a way to save Christmas. Just when everyone seems to give up all hope, the unstumpable Ava Buttons, together with her friends, discover a way to make Christmas wishes come true. Motivated by a desire to help others, Ava converts even her naughtiest friend, Rowdy Meyers, from an enthusiastic getter to a champion giver.

This book is very colorful, with bright greens, reds, blues, and yellows. Each character has their own speech bubble, so you always know who’s talking.

Fun for the whole family, Very Christmas teaches us:

  • One person can make a difference at any age and any stage in their life
  • When something bad happens, we should look for opportunities to act
  • There’s no feeling quite like the one experienced when we give
  • We should exercise our imagination as often as we can
  • Caring for what we have creates a sense of responsibility and awareness
  • And much more!

The next book is called 12 Joys of Christmas and it's by Thomas Seibold and Sherri Seibold

12 joys of christmas

Much like the beloved poem and song “The 12 Days of Christmas,” The 12 Joys of Christmas, available in hardcover, paperback, and as a mini gift book, uses a building and repeating countdown, introducing a new illustration of holiday joy as each page is turned. Children will be delighted to discover new wonders as they anticipate Christmas day, while adults will fondly recall memories of holidays past. When read together as a family, it’s simply magical.

The pictures are adorable! It is a hardback book with over 10 illustrated pages. Like the song 12 Days of Christmas, the pages countdown the days. 

The 12 Joys of Christmas artfully explores:

  • The timeless sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings of Christmas
  • Holiday memories made of simple pleasures and inexpensive activities enjoyed with loved ones
  • The anticipation of Christmas as a sweet and enduring gift of its own
  • A fun, memorable countdown of the best of the season that family members of all ages will love discovering together
  • Classic traditions, experiences, and pleasures passed from generation to generation
  • And much more!

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